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Miranda Fine Arts - Framing and installationMiranda Fine Arts offers full museum framing services. We offer specialized services for artists, collectors, dealers, and galleries as well as interior designers, in addition to regular framing services for the general public. Our extensive experience handling original artwork makes us distinctive in the field. Miranda Fine Arts possesses comprehensive skill with all manners of art; including oil, acrylic, egg tempera, and watercolor paintings; prints; monoprints; pastels; photographs; 3 dimensional works; and more.

As our specialty is working with original contemporary art, we believe in showcasing the art, in addition to protecting it for conservation and longevity. A frame should enhance and not overwhelm. Elegance and simplicity are our motto, allowing the art to stand on its own. We offer a variety of styles, from sleek Contemporary Wood Gallery Frames to ornate Traditional Gilded Frames, creating a classic solution for your individual work that will remain in style as long as you own it.

We also design custom mirrors using the extensive variety of styles in our shop, with a wide and diverse selection not available in a typical mirror shop.

We offer professional discounts for dealers, designers and corporate clients. Artists are also entitled to discounts for multiple frames and exhibitions.

Our work with original art has made us highly experienced with conservation framing. All framed art should be preserved in a conservation environment, whether it is a sentimental family photograph or a valuable and famous painting. The proper handling of original art is crucial to its care and life-span, and this care extends to every work framed in our studio, regardless of its monetary value.

We specialize in:

    Museum Quality Framing
    Rag & Archival Mats
    Conservation & Museum Glass
    UV Plexi
    Classic Elegant & Contemporary Style
    Custom Designed Mirrors

Framing for artists directly requires special expertise and sensibility. Artists frames are multifunctional, and a professional frame says a lot about the confidence of the artist in their work. For 14 years, our specialty has been in working directly with artists, answering to their special needs in quality, style and price. As an artist-owned shop, we understand the artist's special requirements, and offer flexible and diverse options for artist's particular needs.


Miranda Fine Arts can install your exhibition or collection in your business or home, for permanent installation or temporary exhibition. Installation can include one painting to many, as well as mirrors and other artwork or objects. We also design and create pedestals and displays for your sculpture and objet d'art. Professional design and installation insures optimum viewing and safety for your valuable works.

Gold Leafing & Restoration

Gold Leafing


 Miranda Fine Arts offer full restoration services, including paintings and frames, furniture and object restoration. In addition, we offer gold leafing, for both new and restored frames, objects, as well as architectural.



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