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Kathleen Zazzaro

Artist Statement

In college I was introduced to the “old” non-silver process of palladium printing. With this process one works with a large format camera using the large negative to make a contact print. Each individual print is created on rag paper with a hand coated emulsion, making each print unique. The prints possess a wide range of subtle warm tones that I find quite beautiful. This process remains very special to me. I’ve also spent much time exploring the very different world of color photography, and how color changes the emotional tenor and content of the landscape.

The landscape has always been a primary focus in my photography, whether in black and white, palladium or color. The format of a panoramic camera lends itself perfectly to the landscape. It is the areas outside of the urban environment that I am particularly drawn to. Places with rolling hills and big skies, empty beaches and quiet gardens; the often complex and sometimes subtle textures found in tall grasses and bare trees, or water that disappears into sky. Places for the spirit to find peace. It is my intention to capture images that, in the moment, release the viewer from the negative issues which affect our daily lives.

Kathleen Zazzaro currently resides in the Bronx, NY.