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William Holton

Artist Statement

William Holton - FalloutI am interested in self-regulating systems in nature and how they can be applied, through art, to human experience and perception. In my paintings I introduce a unit, such as a dot or fingerprint, into an environment that has been randomly found or created on the surface of the work.

Formal elements such as mark, color and form are further introduced, dependant on and informed by what already exists. A subtle intention is brought into chaos. This results in a feedback loop of mark-making that builds upon itself, in which my decisions are increasingly less influential in the work as it envelops itself in its own autonomy.

I want the work to finally exist on the precipice of a mysterious infinite point of transition. The point where molecules of water as a vast collective whole suddenly "know" to fundamentally change from liquid to vapor; as when a flock of birds or swarm of bees or a network of neurons collectively begin to "think."