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Sarah Lutz

Artist Statement

Sarah LutzWhat interests me most in painting, both my own and others, is when subtle tensions are present. When these dichotomies or subtle contradictions are evident, it can add another level of richness and complexity to the world within the painting. I want my work to be beautiful but at the same time, unsettling; serious, but with a comic aspect.

Although rooted in an abstract tradition, my work makes clear references to the natural world. It is my intention that the images depicted, while not recognizable per se, be believable as objects and exist naturally within their environment.

This latest series is titled Congeries.
Congeries \Con*ge"ri*es\, n. sing. & pl. [L., fr. congerere.
A collection of particles or bodies into one mass; a heap; an aggregation. [1913 Webster]

While these heaps or piles are the subjects in my work, my primary engagement is with the process by which the paintings evolve, both technically and conceptually (they really are built up piles). I am
most interested in co - mingling that which is grounded and seemingly ordinary with things ethereal and unknown. My hope is that an understated opposition exists in these paintings because they simultaneously feel familiar and unexpected.

I have recently been experimenting with many new techniques, mediums, and tools for applying paint. I am finding that my focus on content coupled with these new methods, are adding a depth and fullness to my work that was not present before. My goal is to stay open to new possibilities and to have my work keep evolving in a fresh yet focused way.