Miranda Fine Arts Contemporary Art Gallery

Patricia Miranda



graphite series 2008-09

In this series Graphite, the blackness and tactility of it, becomes inspiration for images to emerge slowly from the metallic surface. Drawing, etching and inscribing directly into the graphite, then sanding, polishing and then burnishing the surface with an agate stone, creates a reflected plane akin to polished ebony or a black mirror. The use of 13k white and 22k yellow gold leaf, rubbed back to a subtle light emerging from the dark, makes the image seem to materialize from behind, as though rising from dark water. The graphite and gold leaf become a medium for expressing imagery that unfolds slowly, subversively, like the eye adjusting to darkness.

Hands are extremely private parts of the human body, yet at the same time our most public. They embody our innermost personality and yet are the first extension into the world, like branches of our innards reaching out. With our hands we do the most intimate things- both creative and destructive. We make love, we caress, hold, shape, reach, carry, build, and we also slap, hit, push, punch, destroy. Out of love and necessity we prepare food, and wash our private and communal intimate bodies. We know our loved one’s hands as clearly as our own. Somehow, in the depiction of hands, from hands inspired by medieval paintings to the hands of the people I most love, I get close to the ephemeral spirit of a person, the almost thereness of them. The use of dark graphite and glass pushes the sense of the fleeting nature of things, how fragile and yet tensile is our knowing and loving one another. Emerging from darkness in the graphite, ephemerally there in glass, hands reflect this fragile knowing, so mysterious we can see it only sideways, in glimmers, darkness and reflection.


Vera Series 4, 2008
graphite, rabbit skin glue,
13.25k and 22k gold leaf on panel
60 x 48"

Vera Series, Song of Songs I, 2008,
graphite, rabbit skin glue,
13k & 22k gold leaf on panel,

Vera Series I, 2008,
graphite, rabbit skin glue,
13k gold leaf on panel,

Vera Series III, 2008,
graphite, rabbit skin glue,
13k & 12k gold leaf on panel,

Vera Series IV,2008,
graphite, rabbit skin glue, 13k & 12k
gold leaf on panel,