Miranda Fine Arts Contemporary Art Gallery

Patricia Miranda



Mona Dukess

Artist Statement

For several years now, Botanical imagery has informed my artwork both in handmade-pigmented papers and in paintings. First I created many large iconic forms with fresco-like surfaces. These were followed by more detailed and drawn images. Elements of line as delineation, then grids, repetitions and small abstractions took precedent. Gradually other changes occurred.

I expanded my focus to include landscapes as well as botanicals. All drew upon memory – and commented on a familiarity that derives from experience and recollection. The emphasis was on the connections between the historic traditions of landscape and its abstraction. A primary emphasis on color, line and density allows one to first see either the abstraction or the landscape reference.

Currently, I have attempted to go beyond the landscape reference. My most recent series of work reflects a deliberate move away from realism. I am using circular shapes as a way to think about form, color and space without using a horizon, and without a recognizable image.

Within this exploration and foray into abstraction my intention is to maintain reference to the natural world. Whether this is a detour that will provide insights on the way back to familiar territory, or will lead to new beginnings, only time will tell.