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Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson, from Somerville MA, uses language in the most direct form. Using actual passages-poems, prose, song lyrics, she writes them out in a minute obsessive hand, writing over the lines backward and forward, moving back and forth between lines of “writing” and lines of “drawing.” The text becomes virtually illegible, the viewer can almost but not quite “read” the surface as it becomes a humming series of rhythmic pulses, denying us the literal story but by its very form creating a whole new one- catching us dead center between our visual and verbal ways of experiencing the world.

From a distance, her tiny graphite lines on chalky white panel appear like strings of silver pearls across the surface, whereupon closer examination we are confronted with an interwoven intimate musical network, a new text, calling us to enter and question our reading of literature in a visually compelling way.

Jackson received a Ph.D. in English Literature at Harvard University, and is a Fifth Year Certificate from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston MA. She is represented by OH+T Gallery in Boston MA and Zero Station Gallery, South Portland ME.