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Patricia Miranda



Amy Helfand

Artist Statement

Conjuring Utopia [no place]
I am struck by how often nature seems eccentric and strange. I am fascinated by our culture's efforts to comprehend its peculiarities in order to find our place within it, be it a quasi-scientific diagramming of a genus of flowers in a glossy book or decorating magazine, the formal planting of a garden, or the mapping of a trail so that we can experience the "wilderness" personally.

And me? I deconstruct one landscape to form another in an effort to better understand the tension between order and chaos, between representation and abstraction, between nature and culture. In the
landscapes I encounter, whether they are real or exist only in pictures, I try to make a place for myself. I walk the paths both literally and in my imagination and picture myself as a permanent inhabitant. I collect images of plant life and maps of gardens. Through study and collage, I transform their biomorphic contours into idiosyncratic, abstracted sites of my own imagining; creating site plans by "drawing" with pieces of the maps I've amassed. I blaze a trail through a wilderness of my own making, running it through a fantastical forest of shapes.

I find my place in my gardens—they are antidote to the chainlink outside of my window in industrial Brooklyn and to the trash blowing around my ankles. Into them, I can escape from the edge of everyday

My gardens rescue me from the longing for other landscapes. When I am in my work, I am where I am. In my own wild gardens.