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Ed Smith

Ed Smith - Little QueenieAlways heroic, Smith takes on the great issues of life- love and war, the yearning of humanity, birth and death, the horror and the beauty. Edward Albee calls his work "unearthings, excavations of the mind, shards and remains which tell us two stories, one which we can clearly read and the other-the resonance!- which we can but dimly envision." Smith's raw abstractions are soulful, mournful, yet with a childlike idealistic quality. His plaster sculptures are sensual, full of hope amongst horror. The delicate 3" x 4" etchings are reminiscent of Rembrandt meeting Bosch, tiny gems of history and glory. Smith's work is always compelling, always provocative.

William Tucker says about Smith, "To search for belief in an age of irony and indecision is a lonely and unfashionable pursuit." In our cynical time, Smith holds to his steadfast conviction in the human story as a mythological one, an Odyssey in the midst of MTV and Celebrity Week. After September 11. this doesn't seem like such a lonely or fruitless path. This exhibition is a reflection on recent events, as well as being a meditation on human nature, its grief and cruelty alongside its hope and redemption.

Ed Smith - StudioSmith's work is in museum collections around the world, including the British Museum, Yale University, Albright Knox Museum, Royal Museum of Fine Art in Antwerp to name a few. He teaches at Bard Collegein NY and The New York Studio School, and lives in Chatham, NY.